Emergency: Dial 911 blmclerk@ptd.net

NJSP Perryville has recently received multiple reports of vandalism at Tuxhorn Park and the abandoned building at 99 North St.  During this public health crisis, we ask for the assistance and cooperation of community members, community leaders, and parents of juveniles to prevent unnecessary gatherings to help stop the spread of COVID-19, and to deter criminal behavior.  Surveillance systems have been installed and Perryville Troopers will be regularly patrolling the area.  We remind all residents that the park is closed from dawn to dusk.  The entire property at 99 North is private, including the train tracks behind it.  “No trespassing” signs are posted throughout the property. Any person(s) found to be in violation will be cited with local ordinances and/or Criminal Trespassing complaints.

Furthermore, regarding the vandalism.  The charge of Criminal Mischief ranges from a Disorderly Persons Offense to a 3rd Degree Crime, depending on the cost of the damage caused.  Sentencing ranges from community service and restitution to fines and imprisonment.

The Borough of Bloomsbury has gone to great lengths to provide a safe and fun environment for individuals and families to enjoy.  Residents are encouraged to called NJSP Perryville at (908)730-7042 to report any suspicious or illegal activity.  Additionally, you can email community liaison, Tpr. T. Sanderson #7685, at lpp7685@gw.njsp.org with any non-emergent questions/concerns.  Thank you for your cooperation as we navigate these uncertain times.

NJSP Perryville Station